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Nakhodka International Marine Club is the only marine club in the Russian Far East. It was established in 1958.

In our activities we always follow the Law of the Russian Federation № 95-F3, dated 03.07.2006 “About ratification of the ILO Convention № 163 of seafarers’ welfare at sea and ashore”

The main activity of the Marine Club is providing welfare services to the screws of the ships calling in the ports of Nakhodka and Vostochny and their families. The visiting seafarers are offered a wide range of services, like international communications, library, video collection, sightseeing tours around town, post services, Internet, satellite TV, entertainment programs, sports games, transportation.

In 2000 the building and interiors underwent capital repairs and reconstruction. This became possible thanks to financial support of the ITF Seafarers’ Trust. Presently our club is located on 3 floors and its total area is 800 square meters.

On the ground floor there is a sports complex, where the seamen can play billiards, table tennis, chess, computer games, or they can exercise with gym apparatuses, or just watch satellite TV.

On the first floor, in the lobby, there is a small souvenir shop, where our guests can buy various Russian souvenirs. There is also a cloakroom, Captains’ room, bar.  The most popular entertainment of seamen in the bar is karaoke. Quite often there are competitions among seamen and the winners get prices from the Club.

On the second floor there is a concert hall for 200 spectators. Seminars, forums, classical music concerts, celebration parties are held there. There is also a library with a wide choice of books and video collection in English. Many books are given to seamen free of charge.

Besides, there is a special conference room for important meetings and conferences on the second floor.

Lots of parties are held for seafarers and their families in our Marine Club, like celebrations of Christmas, Maslenitsa, Russian Easter, Halloween, celebrations of seamen’s birthdays, jubilee ship’s call in Nakhodka etc. In addition to this, we organize concerts of classical music and Russian folk music. We try to make every event unforgettable and bright. This comes easy with the help of volunteers – students and citizens of Nakhodka.

According to our statistics, somewhat 6000 vessels call in Nakhodka annually. One of each three vessels is a foreign crew vessel. Mainly, the crews are from the countries of Asian Pacific Region. They are the main and frequent visitors of our Club. Usually, the period of ships stay in the port is rather short and the seamen don’t have enough time to visit the club to rest and entertain after heavy duties. To solve this problem, we offer free-of-charge bus service for fast and safe delivery of seamen to/from our Club.

Foreign seafarers highly appreciate constant care and support and warm hospitality of the Marine Club staff. This is clearly seen while reading their opinions in the visitors’ book.

Nakhodka International marine club is a municipal culture institution, which provides services not only to visiting seafarers, but also to various foreign delegations and we are always happy to welcome citizens and guests of Nakhodka in our club.




Экспериментальный театр-студия Светланы Симоновой, в котором заняты актеры Владивостока и Находки, представляет спектакль "Окно" по одноименной пьесе Светланы Симоновой. Начало спектакля 14 декабря в 18:30 в Международном морском клубе, г. Находка, ул. Ленинская, 22 (Интерклуб). Разные люди живут под одной крышей в малосемейке: кто парами, а кто – сам по себе. Живут и толком не знают друг друга. Одно событие позволяет их судьбам столкнуться: у одинокой Зои Гореловой День Рождения, и она неожиданно зовёт всех соседей к столу.

Приглашает и незнакомку, мёрзнущую под окном и кого-то терпеливо ждущую…
"Окно"  –  это возможность сопереживать: герои очень похожи на нас. Ссорятся, сплетничают, наполняют слово "любовь" разными смыслами – зачастую противоположными. Пережив личную трагедию, одни мстят всем подряд от безысходности, другие уходят в забытье, а третьи готовы проститься с жизнью. Лишь окно – символ веры и отчаяния – заставляет переосмыслить ценности, поспорить с одиночеством и всё-таки найти в себе силы двигаться дальше. Ради тех, кому мы были, есть и будем по-настоящему дороги.